Child holding football at a Ray Guy Youth Kicking Camp

Youth Kicking Camps conducted on 2nd day of our nationally renowned academies (2-day camps) from 8 AM - 10:00 AM.


Our youth football kicking camps are designed for beginners (ages 11 and under) with a format that will start each athlete down the right path. Each camper is given a foundation to take home with them — one that will allow them to keep practicing the right way. Get ahead of the competition and sign up today! ($100)
Register Dozens of youth football kicking camps are already scheduled in major cities across the country. Find the one that's best for you! ($100)
Child punting at a Ray Guy Youth Kicking Camp

Youth Football Kicking Camps are conducted on the 2nd day of each (2-day) camp locations

From beginning to end, every step of the way, our innovative training program is designed to teach each individual the fundamentals and techniques that will allow him to learn to coach himself. Through personal attention by our professional coaching staff, each athlete will be guided individually through a skill learning process where every experience has a purpose. This allows them to identify personal needs, develop individual skills and at the same time allow them to create a blueprint for practice and improvement.

For the beginner, this format will "kick-start" a career down the right path. Athletes will immediately learn how to practice and develop their own skills the correct way under the trained eyes of our professional instructors.

Youth football kicking and long-snapping camp advantages:

  • Learn flexibility drills for specific development of kicking, punting, and snapping skills.
  • Develop "self-reliance" strategies that enable each athlete to learn to coach one self.
  • Personal attention and coaching by professional instructors for immediate skill learning and development.
  • Step-by-step "self-coaching" techniques that will become a personal "blueprint" of practice and improvement.
  • Observe and visually learn through demonstrations performed by outstanding collegiate and professional staff.
Child kicking at a Ray Guy Youth Kicking Camp Child snapping at a Ray Guy Youth Kicking Camp Child punting at a Ray Guy Youth Kicking Camp

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